The California Run by Mark A. Rimmer

Two Clipper Ships Depart on a Race Around Cape Horn to the Boomtown of San Francisco
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Mark A. Rimmer, Author of The California Run

Mark A. Rimmer

Why You Should Read The California Run . . .

From the complete re-rigging of the replica galleon Golden Hinde to achieving four transatlantic crossings aboard a full-sized clipper, Mark is presently one of only a handful of captains worldwide who is qualified to command a fully-rigged ship the size of the clippers he writes about .    MARK’S BIO »

New York, 1850 . . .

The California Run

Two clipper ships depart on a race around Cape Horn to the boomtown of San Francisco, where the first to arrive will gain substantial profits and win a $50,000 wager for her owner. Sapphire is a veteran ship with an experienced crew, while Achilles is newly-built with a complement of garrulous British sailors, recalcitrant Swedish immigrants, an enterprising French madam accompanied by three of her girls, Harry, a luckless Englishman, and Sarah Doyle, a brilliant and talented grifter.
Mark A. Rimmer, Nautical Fiction Author

Another World

It was my 17th birthday when our 120-foot brigantine Eye of the Wind arrived at Green Island. Aside from the occasional supply boat from the New Guinea mainland, this old WW2 dock had seen no other visitors from the outside world for almost five years now. As we...

Where it all began…

So how did I become a writer? That’s a simple enough question and, as I suspect it is with most writers, with a not-so-simple answer attached. I can still recall the precise moment, when I was only 16 years old, that I decided that this is what I wanted to be. It was...

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